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A. Actions. Upon receiving a recommendation from the Planning Agency or appeal from a Hearing Examiner or Planning Agency decision, or notice of any other matter requiring the Council’s attention, the Council shall perform the following actions as appropriate:

1. Make a decision on a Planning Agency recommendation.

2. At the Council’s discretion, hold a public hearing and make a decision on the following matters:

a. Appeal of administrative interpretations.

b. Appeal of administrative approvals.

c. Other matters not prohibited by law.

3. Hold a closed record hearing and make a decision on the following matters:

a. Appeal of a Planning Agency decision.

b. Appeal of a Hearing Examiner decision.

4. Hold an open record hearing on an environmental decision on the same project as is the subject of the closed record hearing.

B. Decisions. The City Council shall make its decision by motion, resolution, or ordinance as appropriate.

1. A Council decision on a Planning Agency recommendation or Hearing Examiner decision or following a public hearing shall include one of the following actions:

a. Approve on its consent agenda of an open record hearing action when no appeal is filed.

b. Approve as recommended.

c. Approve with additional conditions.

d. Modify, with or without the applicant’s concurrence, provided that the modifications do not:

i. Enlarge the area or scope of the project.

ii. Increase the density or proposed building size.

iii. Significantly increase adverse environmental impacts as determined by the responsible official.

e. Deny (reapplication or resubmittal is permitted).

f. Deny with prejudice (reapplication or resubmittal is not allowed for one year).

g. Remand for further proceedings and/or evidentiary hearing in accordance with Section 20.09.080.