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A. The following permits or approvals are specifically excluded from the procedures set forth in this Title:

1. landmark designations;

2. street vacations;

3. street use permits.

B. Pursuant to RCW 36.70B.140(2), building permits, boundary line adjustments, other construction permits, or similar administrative approvals which are categorically exempt from environmental review under SEPA, Chapter 43.21C RCW, and Chapter 17.10 (SEPA), or permits/approvals for which environmental review has been completed in connection with other project permits, are excluded from the following procedures:

1. notice of completeness (section 20.05.040);

2. City notice of development application (section 20.07.010);

3. except as provided in RCW 36.70B.140, optional consolidate development application review processing (section 20.05);

4. joint public hearings (section 20.07.020);

5. single report stating all the decisions and recommendations made as of the date of the report that do not require an open record hearing (section 20.08.020(C));

6. notice of decision (section 20.09.090);

7. completion of project review within any applicable time periods (including the 120 day permit processing time) (section 20.09.090).

(Adopted by Ordinance 2004-005, September 21, 2004)