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A. Each licensed carrier shall conduct tests necessary to demonstrate compliance with all applicable local regulations regarding the noise emissions of the facility. All such tests shall be performed by or under the supervision of a qualified acoustical consultant competent to perform such tests and interpret the data gathered.

B. All licensed carriers shall submit a report, certified by a qualified acoustical consultant, setting forth the observed noise levels at the property line of the property upon which the facility is located. The report shall account for background noise and other noise sources and demonstrate the noise levels emitted by the facility, including any air conditioning or ventilation equipment contained therein.

C. Compliance reports shall be required on an annual basis and shall be submitted by January 1st of each calendar year, provided, however, that a facility installed and initially tested within nine (9) months prior to January 1st shall not be required to submit an annual compliance report until the following January 1st.

D. The city may retain a technical expert in the environmental noise measurement to verify the noise measurements and certification. The cost of such a technical expert shall be borne by the licensed carrier.

E. This section shall not apply to any facility that does not contain air conditioning equipment.