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The words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the following meanings, unless the context or subject matter clearly requires otherwise:

A. Improvements: means any combination of: paving; curbs; gutters; walkways; traffic signs; drainage structures; sewer, water, or gas lines; road lighting; telephone, cable, and electrical utilities, other utilities and utility structures, and other site development required by this chapter.

B. Park Space: means an improved plot of ground with a definite boundary that is located within a recreational vehicle park for the set-up and temporary occupancy of a recreational park trailer, recreational vehicle, or tent.

C. Recreational Park Trailer: means a trailer-type unit that is primarily designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or seasonal use that meets the following criteria:

1. Built on a single chassis and mounted on wheels

2. Gross trailer area does not exceed four hundred (400) square feet (37.15 square meters) in the set-up mode

3. Is certified by the manufacturer as complying with American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) Standard A119.5.

4. If sold, leased, or offered for sale in the State of Washington, is identified by a state-plan insignia issued by the Department of Labor and Industries, signifying compliance with Chapter 296-150P WAC and ANSI A119.5.

D. Recreational Vehicle: means a vehicular type unit that is primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreational camping, travel, or seasonal use that either has its own motive power or is mounted on or towed by another vehicle. Recreational vehicles include camping trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, motor homes, travel trailers, and truck campers. A recreational vehicle that is sold or leased in the State of Washington is required to have either a state-plan or self-certified insignia from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries that signifies compliance with Chapter 296-150R WAC and ANSI A119.2.

E. Recreational Vehicle Park: means a tract or parcel of land within a major or short subdivision which is divided according to an approved binding site plan, and has been developed to rent or lease park spaces to guests.

F. Sanitary Dumping Station: means a facility for receiving body waste and liquid waste that is discharged from recreational park trailer and recreational vehicle holding tanks.

G. Tent: means a confined space, collapsible, light-weight shelter that is set up for recreation or vacation purposes.