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A. Adding or modifying services. Additions or modifications to initial route(s) identified for licenses which are determined to be significant by the Director will require a new license.

B. Relocation of services. If ordered by the City to locate or relocate its Telecommunications or Cable Facilities in rights-of-way not included in a previously granted license, telecommunications franchise or cable franchise, the City shall grant a license or franchise amendment without further application.

C. Assignments or Transfers. All assignees or transferees of interest in a License, Franchise, or Cable Franchise of any Telecommunications Carrier or Cable Operator must comply with the terms and conditions of this Chapter, the license, telecommunications franchise, or cable franchise agreement, the requirements of the FCC, and the requirements of the WUTC. If said assignee or transferee fails to comply with such requirements, the license, telecommunications franchise, or cable franchise assigned or transferred is subject to revocation.