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The transfer of water rights pursuant to this chapter shall be in such forms as may be approved by the City. Owners of property transferring water rights pursuant to this chapter shall execute all documents required by the City and/or any other governmental entity that may be necessary to achieve the purposes of this chapter. Those documents may include, but are not limited to, change in point of diversion, change in place of use, change in purpose of use, and any other documents or forms. The City will diligently pursue approval of the water right transfer. In order for a water right transfer to be completed, the water right transfer must (1) ultimately be approved by the Department of Ecology and all appeal periods must have expired without challenge, and (2) be changed to a municipal water right. The owner(s) of the property transferring water rights pursuant to this chapter must convey the water right to the City by statutory warranty deed or other appropriate conveyance instrument, as determined by the City, upon completion of the water right transfer; provided, however, that the actual conveyance may be delayed to coincide with the City approval of the petition for annexation or application described in this chapter, or as otherwise set forth in an agreement between the property owner(s) and the City. [Ord. 2021-06 § 1, December 2021.]