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The George City Council shall, annually or more often if necessary, by resolution, establish a schedule “Appendix S” of charges and rates for sewer hookup and connection charges, sewer rates and surcharges, allotments, and overage charges. The resolution shall also list all other sewer service fees and charges.

A. Schools. Service for all schools shall be as set forth in Appendix S.

B. Single-Family Residence. All single-family dwellings having a separate water meter and separate utilities account shall be charged per month for sewer services.

C. Miscellaneous.

1. Apartments, Mobile Home Parks, Recreational Vehicle Parks, Public Housing and Other Multiple Unit Operations. The charge for sewer services to any apartment, mobile home parks, recreational vehicle parks, public housing complex or units and other multiple unit operations except hotels, motels and trailer courts shall be per month for each apartment, public housing living unit or other living unit. The charge for each unit connection each month shall be assessed whether or not the unit is occupied, installed or connected.

D. Hotels and Motels. Hotels and motels shall be charged a sewer rate equivalent to eighty percent (80%) of the metered water usage.

E. Churches. There shall be a charge per month per church building. Any residential building associated with any church shall be charged per month.

F. Business Houses. Business houses shall be charged per month for each business house plus charged for each toilet in excess of one (1) located at any business house.

G. Laundromat, Car Washes and Related Heavy Sewage Users. Users in this category shall be charged a sum established in Appendix S, but in no event less than a minimum month charge plus a charge per month for each toilet in excess of one (1). Hotels, motels and other multiple unit operations shall not be charged under this classification.

H. Industrial and Commercial Users. Industrial and commercial users shall be subject to further restrictions by rate surcharge of discharge permit requirements. [Ord. 2019-02, March 2019; Ord. 2008-03, January 2008; Ord. 2001-06, September 2001.]