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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 20 Providing for the filing of declarations of candidacy 12/8/1961 Codified
Ord. 19 Regulating motor vehicles; transportation; penalties 10/2/1961 Codified
Ord. 18 Providing for expenditures of funds for 1962 10/2/1961 Codified
Ord. 17 Designating jails for incarceration of prisoners 9/18/1961 Codified
Ord. 16 Amending Ordinance No. 1 9/11/1961 Codified
Ord. 15 Creating arterial street fund 9/11/1961 Codified
Ord. 14 Prescribing requirements of bids 9/11/1961 Codified
Ord. 13 Establishing organization to provide civil defense; powers & duties 9/11/1961 Codified
Ord. 12 Defining certain acts as disorderly conduct; penalties 9/11/1961 Codified
Ord. 11 Designating the official city newspaper 8/28/1961 Codified
Ord. 10 Creating city planning commission; prescribing duties 8/21/1961 Codified
Ord. 9 Nuisances; emergencies 8/21/1961 Codified
Ord. 8 Declaring an emergency & authorizing emergency expenditures 8/21/1961 Codified
Ord. 7 Defining certain acts as interference with fire fighting; penalties 8/21/1961 Codified
Ord. 6 Combining the office of treasurer with office of clerk 8/17/1961 Codified
Ord. 5 Establishing the amount of the bonds of certain officers 8/17/1961 Codified
Ord. 4 Establishing the salaries of certain officers for the City of George 8/17/1961 Codified
Ord. 3 Creating the office of city attorney for City of George 8/17/1961 Codified
Ord. 2 Establishing a speed limit in the City of George 8/17/1961 Codified
Ord. 1 Establishing regular meetings & a place therefore 8/17/1961 Codified