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A. A special events permit issued under this chapter shall be temporary, shall vest no permanent rights in the applicant, and may be immediately revoked or suspended by the Mayor or designated appointee if:

1. The applicant has made a misstatement of material fact in the information supplied; the applicant has failed to fulfill a term or condition of the permit in a timely manner; or the check submitted by the applicant in payment of the fee for a permit has been dishonored;

2. The applicant requests the cancellation of the permit or cancels the event;

3. The activity endangers or threatens persons or property, or otherwise jeopardizes the health, safety or welfare of persons or property;

4. The activity conducted is in violation of any of the terms or conditions of the special events permit;

5. An emergency or supervening occurrence requires the cancellation or termination of the event in order to protect the public health or safety;

6. Applicant fails to prepay expenses.

B. The City shall refund the permit fee in the event of a revocation caused by an emergency or supervening occurrence; the City shall refund the balance of the fee, less the actual costs incurred if the cancellation occurs at the request of an applicant who is in compliance with this chapter.

C. If any event, use or occupancy for which the permit has been revoked is not immediately discontinued, the Mayor or designee may remove any structure or obstruction, or cause to be made, without obligation to do so, such repairs upon the structure or obstruction as may be necessary to render the same secure and safe, or adjourn any special event. The cost and expense of such removal, repair or adjournment shall be assessed against the permittee, including all professional fees associated with enforcement of the collection of the same. [Ord. 2018-08 § 1, October 2018.]