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A. Review. Any approval or permit issued under the authority of the Development Code may be reviewed for compliance with the requirements of the Development Code, or to determine if the action is creating a nuisance or hazard, has been abandoned, or the approval or permit was obtained by fraud or deception.

B. Initiation of Review. The review of an approval or permit may be initiated by the City Zoning Administrator, City Council, or by petition to the City Zoning Administrator by three property owners or three residents of separate dwelling units in the City, stating their belief as to the noncompliance, nuisance, hazard of the permitted activity.

C. City Zoning Administrator’s Investigation. Upon receipt of the information indicating the need for, or upon receiving a request for review of permit or approval, the City Zoning Administrator shall investigate the matter and take one or more of the following actions:

1. Notify the property owner or permit holder of the investigation and/or

2. Issue a civil regulatory order and/or civil fine and/or recommend revocation or modification of the permit or approval; and/or

3. Refer the matter to the City Attorney; and/or

4. Refer the matter to the City Council with a recommendation for action.