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A. Authority. A person who violates any provision of the Development Code, or who fails to obtain any necessary permit, or who fails to comply with a civil regulatory order, shall be subject to a civil fine

B. Amount. The civil fine assessed shall not exceed one thousand ($1,000.00) plus all enhancements for each violation. Each separate day, event, or action or occurrence shall constitute a separate violation.

C. Notice. A civil fine shall be imposed by a written notice, and shall be effective when served or posted as set forth in 20.13.030(B). The notice shall describe the date, nature, location, and act(s) comprising the violation, the amount of the fine, and the authority under which the fine has been issued.

D. Collection. Civil fines shall be immediately due and payable upon issuance and receipt of the notice. The City Zoning Administrator may issue a regulatory order stopping work until such free is paid. If remission or appeal of the fine is sought, the fine shall be due and payable upon issuance of a final decision. If a fine remains unpaid 30 days after it becomes due and payable, the City Zoning Administrator may take actions necessary to recover the fine. Civil fines shall be paid into the City’s general fund.

E. Application for Remission. Any person incurring a civil fine may, within ten days of the receipt of the notice, apply in writing to the City Zoning Administrator for remission of the free. The City Zoning Administrator shall issue a decision on the application within ten days. A fine may be remitted only upon a demonstration of extraordinary circumstances.