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A. Appeals from the final decision of the City Council or other City board or body involving Titles 14 through 19 of this Code, and for which all other appeals specifically authorized have been timely exhausted, shall be made to Grant County Superior Court within twenty one (21) days of issuance of the decision, as provided in Chapter 36.70C RCW. Appeals may be made only by a party of record with standing to file a land use petition in Grant County Superior Court.

B. Notice of the appeal and any other pleadings required to be filed with the court shall be served on the City Clerk, City Zoning Administrator, and City Attorney within the applicable time period. This requirement is jurisdictional.

C. The cost of transcribing and preparing all records ordered certified by the court or desired by the appellant for such appeal shall be borne by the appellant. The appellant shall post with the City Clerk prior to the preparation of any records an advance fee deposit in the amount specified by the City Clerk. Any overage will be promptly returned to the appellant. [Ord. 2004-05, July 2004.]