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A. No more than four qualifying patients or designated providers may become members of a cooperative under this section and all members must hold valid recognition cards. All members of the cooperative must be at least twenty-one years old. The designated provider of a qualifying patient who is under twenty-one years old may be a member of a cooperative on the qualifying patient’s behalf.

B. No person shall engage in a medical marijuana cooperative without first having obtained from the City a valid and current registration authorizing such person to engage in operation. This registration shall be in addition to any other registrations or permits required by State or Federal laws. Such registration is non-transferable.

C. Cooperatives shall not be located within one mile of a marijuana retailer.

D. No cooperative shall be permitted within one thousand (1,000) feet of any other medical marijuana cooperative.

E. Only one (1) cooperative is permitted on any one site.

F. No cooperative shall be permitted within one thousand (l,000) feet of any public parks, playgrounds, recreation/community centers, libraries, child care centers, schools, game arcades and public transit centers.

G. The location of the cooperative shall be the domicile of one of the participants.

H. The qualifying patients or designated providers of any cooperative shall not grow more than the maximum of sixty plants or possess more than seventy-two ounces of useable marijuana.

I. The cultivation and processing of medical marijuana shall not be readily seen by normal unaided vision or readily smelled from a public place or the private property of another housing unit.