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The number of off-street parking spaces required of each use shall be as follows, except that for lots having less than eighty feet (80') frontage in non-residential zones where compliance may prove a hardship, the Planning Agency may modify the requirements.

A. Residential:

1. Single Family Dwellings

2 per unit

2. Duplex

2 per unit

3. Multiple Family

1 ½ per unit one bedroom and efficiency units

2 per unit for two or more bedrooms

In addition to the above requirements for Multiple Family additional “visitor” parking at a rate of 1 space for every two units will be required.

No lot or portion thereof shall be used for parking or storing of truck or other motor vehicles exceeding one (1) ton net capacity (see subsection L of this section), or commercial, industrial, and agricultural equipment or machinery, or recreational vehicles or trailers which exceed twenty-five feet (30') in length.

B. Retail Business in all Zones:

Spaces per 1,000 square feet of gross floor area

1. Department and clothing stores


2. Variety and drug stores


3. Furniture stores


4. Grocery stores


5. Auto sales


C. Personal Services:

1. Barber shops and beauty shops, self-service laundries, etc.

2 per chair

2. Motels and hotels

1 per unit

D. Financial Institutions:

1. Banks, savings & loan, etc.


E. Offices:

1. Human services (clinics, welfare employment offices)


2. Professional offices


3. Other offices


F. Shopping Centers: 5

G. Eating Establishments:

1. Sit-down restaurants


2. Taverns


3. Drive-in restaurants


H. Industrial:

1. Industrial warehouses, freight terminals, manufacturing, etc.

1 per shift employee

I. Public and Semi-Public Places of Assembly:

1. Churches

1 per 6 seats or 12 feet of bench

2. Theaters and auditoriums

1 per 4 seats or 8 feet of bench

3. Schools:


1 ½ per teacher


2 per classroom

High School

1 per 2 students

College or Commercial

1 per 2 students

4. Libraries

1 per 400 square feet of gross floor area

J. The Planning Agency shall determine the adequate parking spaces for special uses such as airports, depots, swimming pools, and other recreational uses.

K. Buildings having mixed occupancies shall provide parking for each use as required. Multiple use buildings shall provide parking for the most intensive use.

L. Off-street parking areas used to fulfill the requirements of this title shall not be used for loading and unloading operations except during periods of the day when not required to care for parking needs.

M. Formula used for determining square footage of gross floor area:

Main Floor


Basement and Second Floor


Additional Stories


Equals square footage of gross floor area