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The purpose of this chapter is to provide for:

A. A well-distributed system of community-based retail, service, neighborhood convenience, and regional-based retail uses;

B. Land uses that meet the needs of local residents and attract regional populations;

C. Land areas within the city to meet the needs of commercial development.

The C-1, Central Business District, Zone is intended to provide for a variety of retail business uses and services and to preserve land for such uses. It is a unique pedestrian-oriented commercial district that is the major retail, office, entertainment, and arts center for the community. Complementary residential uses are encouraged.

The C-2, General Commercial and Business, Zone is intended to provide for the general commercial and business activity of the city and to preserve land for such uses. It is intended to complement the downtown and help meet the other community needs, as well as provide an area for large scale shopping centers and other uses oriented to vehicle traffic.