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A. Roof construction shall be of non-reflective materials.

B. Wheels and tongue of all manufactured homes not located in manufactured home parks shall be removed.

C. All manufactured homes shall be new and previously untitled and shall bear the insignia of approval by the State of Washington or the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development indicating compliance with the National Manufactured Housing Construction Safety Standards Act of 1974 (effective June 15, 1976).

D. Residential structures shall be constructed with a perimeter masonry or concrete foundation that is in accordance with the State Building Code.

E. Residential structures shall have a hard surfaced route from the main entrance of the residence to the street.

F. All required off-street parking spaces shall be paved or of a hard surface such as compacted gravel. The access route from the street to the parking spaces shall also be paved, unless the street is not improved with paving.